Thank you for your interest in getting more involved with JesusWalk Youth Conference! We truly appreciate your willingness to help bring amazing things to our students in 2019! See below how you can be more involved with JesusWalk 2019:



There's so much that goes on during the week of JesusWalk, which requires a lot of support to put it all together. In order to make JesusWalk possible, we need volunteers who are willing to serve throughout the entire conference in various roles. Scroll below for Volunteer description details. You may apply to volunteer if you are over the age of 18. Connect with us if you are interested in being a volunteer.



Whether it's by taking silly snaps or receiving spiritual guidance, a counselor is a huge part of our conference and what also makes a student's experience memorable. Plus, who wouldn't want to spend their summer serving AND having fun?! We are in need for individuals who are willing to serve alongside us where they can be an extension of JesusWalk to our students.